Here’s my shopping list for October. It seems to be a little short (5 manga), when compared to my September list (9 orders). Two of the nine have yet to arrive, one being: Zero: Circle of Flow volume 2 and the other one Junk: Record of the Last Hero volume 4. However, I won’t mind (lie)…at least my my purse won’t (truth), it shall rejoice this month… Now that I go over my release list I actually realize that even one of the August manga (Sin volume 2) also hasn’t arrived yet. Well, the introduction to my October shopping list got rather long, if it didn’t scare you away, please click on “Read more”.

Carlsen Manga:
Astral Project Volume 2*
The second volume of the recent series by Garon Tsuchiya and reviewed a few days ago.
Blood Alone Volume 3*
Finally the third volume of this very calm and soul soothing manga. Infinity Studios released it in the US some time ago.

Del Rey:
Air Gear Volume 6
After an exciting volume 5 I’m eager to see what happens next and (male hormones on) the cover certainly intrigues me.

Shaman Warrior Volume 5
Ahh, I hope we get to see the big guy again this time, though I’m in for the fights! It’s released by Dark Horse in the US and still, despite the strong euro, it’s cheaper over here. And it’s not cheap here…8€… .

VIZ Media:
Claymore Volume 10
I ordered volume 5-7 in my local comic shop months ago, but they still have not arrived. However I don’t care: it’s Yagi. I enjoyed volumes 1-4, I’m patient, I buy it…not at my local comic store anymore though.

Purchase Pending:
Yen Press
Black God Volume 1
An interesting sounding manga, or “manhwa”, even if it’s serialized in a Japanese magazine, by Im Dal Young and Park Sung Woo. By the way, those two seem to make like 3-4 manhwa at a time…I think Park Sung Woo owns his own studio: Studio Zero, not so sure though