I didn’t get any newsletters from Egmont or Panini, guess my emails don’t work for their newsletters, so their list is late. I’m not sure if Panini‘s releases are already purchasable, but Egmont‘s should have already hit shelves last Monday. I’m not really interested in any of Egmont‘s seinen titles, although I will try to purchase Yubisaki Milktea over at ebay. I might’ve considered buying Rose Hip Zero, if I hadn’t purchased the English version by Tokyopop. Release list can be found beneath the “cut”.

Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Volume 4 (Egmont)
Sakura Taisen Volume 6 (Egmont)
Yubisaki Milktea Volume 7 (Egmont)
Berserk Max Volume 12 (Panini)
Shaman Warrior Volume 5 (Panini)*
Sin Volume 2 (Panini)*
The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls Volume 3 (Heyne)
Wolf’s Rain Complete Edition (Heyne)

Inuyasha Volume 47 (Egmont)
Detective Conan Volume 52 (Egmont)
Midori no Hibi Volume 4 (Egmont)
Rose Hip Zero Volume 2 (Egmont)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Volume 13 (Egmont)
Zeroin Volume 5 (Egmont)
Kagetora Volume 6 (Heyne)

Nana Volume 17 (Egmont)

Angel Diary Volume 6 (Egmont)
Kaikan Phrase Volume 13 (Egmont)
Sunadokei Volume 10 (Panini)
Seduction More Beautiful Than Love Volume 5 (Panini)
Trinity Blood Volume 7 (Panini)
Life Volume 10 (Heyne)

Shounen Ai:
Loveless Volume 7 (Egmont)
Prime Minister Volume 2 (Egmont)
Sexy Effect 96 Single Volume (Egmont)
Train Train Volume 2 (Egmont)
Martin & John Volume 2 (Panini)

Seinen: 8| Shounen: 7 | Josei: 1 | Shoujo: 6 | Shoujo Ai: 0 | Shounen Ai: 5 | Global: 0 | Art-books: 0 = 27
Carlsen: 0 | Tokyopop: 0 | Egmont: 16 | Panini: 7 | Heyne: 4 | Schreiber & Leser: 0

Manga marked with a “*” are on my shopping list.