So here are the November releases from Carlsen. Not all of their November titles will be released at the same time. They have a busy schedule, due to the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Click on “Read More” to find out what they still managed to sneak into their tight schedule:

Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 6*
Kyoko Karasuma Volume 3*
Vampire Hunter D Volume 1

Eureka Seven Volume 3
Hunter x Hunter Volume 17
Shaman King Volume 22
Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 32
Gedo Senki – Tales from Earthsea Volume 2

Fruits Basket Volume 14
Magical Sweet Mermaid Single Volume
Mirumo de Pon! Volume 8
In A Distant Time Volume 7

Shounen Ai:
Silver Diamond Volume 2

Global Manga
Y Square Plus Single Volume


Seinen: 3 | Shounen: 5 | Shoujo: 4 | Shounen Ai: 1 | Global: 1
Carlsen: 14

As usual manga marked with a * are on my shopping list.