While I changed the design again… November looks to be a very expensive month for me. Then again that also means a very joyous month. I have lots of new reading and reviewing material, and I’ll try to review as many manga as possible.

I’m happy to see the first volume of Pumpkin Scissors published by Del Rey. I was interested in the anime and watched the first episode over at ADV films, but anime isn’t really my personal preferred entertainment medium. I rather go with manga. For my other November purchases, well I guess you know your way by now. ;)

Carlsen Manga:
Kyoko Karasuma Volume 3*
Oh, the showdown between little Kyoko and the oni Uchida and that might complete the first arc.
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 6*
A new arc should start here, no matter how good it is, review guaranteed.

Del Rey:
Air Gear Volume 6
More of Oh! Great’s great art, I misleadingly added this to the October releases, sorry.
Genshiken Volume 9
The final volume of this incredible entertaining and funny series, I might throw in a review if I have time.
Pumpkin Scissors Volume 1*
The first volume of the post war story with a horribly strange name

Chunchu – The Genocide Fiend Volume 4
The genocide fiend goes on to slaughter more people and fight his inner beast?

Rose Hip Zero Volume 4
The fourth volume might tell us more about the past of Kasumi, but who cares about story when Tohru draws sexy girls?!

Wow, three manga from Del Rey, they are picking up I guess, more than Heyne (Randomhouse’s respective German manga publisher), who just have licensed Air Gear in Germany. I will stick to the American releases though, simply because I have the first volumes in English.