October sadly ended some days ago, so it was time for Carlsen and Egmont to publish their joint Top 15 Manga Charts and that’s what they did. Even though Carlsen was able to defend its top position, Egmont still had a better overall month, if you just consider the total number of placements. Tokyopop was only represented twice, a relatively low amount if you compare it to other months and Panini‘s unusual appearance last month now has vanished.

Other than that it seemed to have been a pretty balanced month if you consider seinen rankings a rarity and wonder. As usual the manga aimed at female readers have the upper hand in numbers, but not in placement. Notice that most of the shounen generally place higher than shoujo or shounen Ai.

One reason might be that TRC, Naruto and Inuyasha, despite being categorized as shounen, tend to attract female buyers as well. If we generalize, it would mean that both genders buy shounen, but only the females buy shoujo and shounen Ai. So the joined amount of ‘purchasing power’ pushes the shounen on to the top! This further underlines the fact that the driving force in the manga market is teenaged females.

Thanks to splashcomics.de for providing me with the Manga charts.

October 2007:
1. (2) Naruto Volume 26 (Shounen-Carlsen)
2. (-) Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Volume 13 (Shounen –Egmont)
3. (-) Inuyasha Volume 47 (Shounen-Egmont)
4. (5) Vampire Knight Volume 2 (Shoujo -Carlsen)
5. (-) Detective Conan Volume 52 (Shounen-Egmont)
6. (-) Sexy Effect 96 Single Volume (Shounen Ai-Egmont)
7. (-) Prime Minister Volume 2 (Shounen Ai-Egmont)
8. (10) Death Note Volume 8 (Shounen-Tokyopop)
9. (-) Bukiyou na Silent Volume 1 (Shounen Ai-Tokyopop)
10. (-) Loveless Volume 7 (Shounen Ai-Egmont)
11. (-) Hunter X Hunter Volume 11 (Shounen-Carlsen)
12. (-) Crown Volume 2 (Shoujo-Carlsen)
13. (-) NANA Volume 17 (Shoujo-Egmont)
14. (-) Perfume Master Volume 1 (Shoujo-Carlsen)
15. (-) Kaikan Phrase Volume 13 (Shoujo-Egmont)
Seinen: 0 | Shounen: 6 | Josei: 0 | Shoujo: 5 | Shounen Ai: 4
Carlsen: 5 | Tokyopop: 2 | Egmont: 8 | Panini: 0 | Heyne: 0

Additional Information from my part:
– if necessary I changed the manga’s name into the English/romanized Japanese one.
– I don’t distinguish between yaoi and shounen Ai.