It’s that time of the month again!

Carlsen’s monthly mail containing the releases just hit my box. Besides the releases for December, which you can find below; it also provided additional information on their new series Vampire Hunter D and Kekkaishi. Furthermore they mentioned the most current status of the Dragon Ball Z live-action movie. And at last they also announced a few new acquisitions.

Black Lagoon Volume 5*
Eight Volume 2*
Train Man Volume 3
Vampire Hunter D Volume 1

Black Cat Volume 15
Chibi Vampire Volume 3
Gedo Senki – Tales from Earthsea Volume 3
Erementar Gerad – Flag Of Blue Sky Volume 3
Kamiyadori Volume 3*
Kekkaishi Volume 1
Naruto Volume 25
One Piece Volume 45
Slayers Special Volume 4

Gakuen Alice Volume 4
Hana Kimi Volume 13
Kare Kano Volume 16

Shounen Ai
– Seems like their release has been delayed.


Seinen: 4 | Shounen: 9 | Shoujo: 3 | Shounen Ai: 0 | Global: 0
Carlsen: 16

Note: As usual manga marked with a * are on my shopping list.