As usual’s email arrived shortly after Carlsen‘s mail. Surprisingly it didn’t only contain more information about this month’s publications, but also on one of their new licenses: Zombie Powder by Kubo Tite. Their new licenses will be announced at the middle-end of December. Furthermore they added information on their other in house production and their Demon Diary Special Edition, which is to be released at the end of December.

Yotsuba&! Volume 4* (Yeay for more Yotsuba!)

Ichigo 100% Volume 11
Archlord Volume 5
Bleach Volume 18
Death Note Volume 9
King of Hell Volume 5
Prince of Tennis Volume 19
Recast Volume 5

Grimms Manga Perfect Edition
Honey X Honey Drops Volume 2
Orange Planet Volume 2
Perfect Girl Volume 17
Shinshi Doumei Cross Volume 7
Demon Diary Special Edition Volume 1

Shoujo Ai
Maria-sama ga Miteru Volume 6

Global Manga
12 Days Volume 1
Bone Hardcover Edition Volume 5
Liberty: Raised out of Dirt
Pink Diary
Yonen Buzz -United-
Seinen: 1 | Shounen: 7 | Josei: 0 | Shoujo: 6 | Shoujo Ai: 1 | Shounen Ai: 0| Global: 5 | Art-books: 0 = 20
Tokyopop: 20