That was unexpected. Carlsen’s January releases will already be available on December the 14th ! I assumed that they would *try* and release them before Christmas, but hey… I didn’t think they would release them THAT early. I’m sure this will definitely make some fangirls and -boys happy! As for me, myself and… I will not purchase any of Carlsen’s releases for the first time. There’s just nothing interesting being released. I had Astral Project listed as a January release, but when I checked today its release date had been changed to March.

Monster Collection Volume 1
Ikki Tousen Volume 10
Futari Ecchi Volume 34

Girls Bravo Volume 9
.hack // XXXX Volume 2
Hikaru no Go Volume 14
Shaman King Volume 23
Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 33
Gedo Senki – Tales from Earthsea Volume 4

Ludwig Revolution Volume 2
Ouran High School Host Club Volume 9
Skip Beat! Volume 10

Shounen Ai
Love Mode Volume 8
Silver Diamond Volume 3
Takumi-kun Volume 5
When a Man Loves a Man Volume 4

Naruto – Uzumaki Artbook


Seinen: 3 | Shounen: 6 | Shoujo: 3 | Shounen Ai: 4 | Art books: 1 | Global: 0
Carlsen: 17

PS: I’m still alive, just very busy with university stuff. I will post a summary of all the licenses ~weekend ( just announced theirs).