Heyne and Carlsen just announced their February releases!

Carlsen had to slightly change their original release plans for Speed Grapher and Jiro Taniguchi’s Chichi no Koyomi. They postponed them both to March. There was no specific reason given for Taniguchi’s manga, but the reason why Speed Grapher’s release has been delayed, was because the Japanese have to approve of it. There were hints that the Japanese often take “for eternity” to approve certain things. It’s not the first time that I’ve been reading these “complaints” by German publishers, though – of course –I have no means to prove if these complaints are valid.

Additionally to the new releases Carlsen also announced their first guest for the Leipzig Book Fair. People will be able to see You Higuri, the mangaka of Zeus, Cantarella and Flower. It will be her third visit to Germany. She visited Germany in 2004 to attend the the AnimagiC Convention and an unofficial visit to do research for her manga Ludwig II. She was also supposed to visit the AnikiCon 2007, but sadly it was canceled. Now on to the new releases for February 2008!

Kyoko Karasuma Volume #4* (Carlsen)
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume #7* (Carlsen)
Yagyu Ninpo Cho Volume #4 (Heyne)

Black Cat Volume #16 (Carlsen)
Eureka Seven Volume #4 (Carlsen)
Hunter X Hunter Volume #18 (Carlsen)
Kekkaishi Volume #2 (Carlsen)
Naruto Volume #28 (Carlsen)
Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume #15 (Heyne)

Charming Junkie Volume #6 (Carlsen)
Flower Single Volume (Carlsen)
Hana-Kimi Volume #14 (Carlsen)
Spring Flower Volume #1 (Carlsen)
Special A Volume #2 (Carlsen)
W Juliet Volume #9 (Carlsen)

Shounen Ai
Ja-Dou Volume #5 (Carlsen)
Junjo Romantica Volume #5 (Carlsen)
Kiss me, Teacher Volume #8 (Carlsen)

Global Manga
Idol Single Volume (Carlsen)
Personal Paradise Single Volume (Carlsen)
Seinen: 3 | Shounen: 6 | Josei: 0 | Shoujo: 6 | Shoujo Ai: 0 | Shounen Ai: 3 | Global: 2 | Art-books: 0 = 20
Carlsen: 18 | Heyne: 2

*=on my shopping list