It’s’s turn to announce their releases for February! Yeay!

Before talking about manga, I’ll quickly reach into the field of anime published a news stating that they decided to not acquire any new anime titles in Germany. They further say that it’s unlikely that they’ll change their mind in the near future. However they guaranteed to fully publish all their already ongoing series. As for a particular reason they only mentioned ‘illegal downloads‘, which seems to be a common excuse these days. From the way they commented on the board they seemed pretty clueless on how to get the consumer to buy their products. Therefore they saw no other alternative except stopping their licensing. I don’t particularly care, as I think anime crumble when compared to manga on every field, an inferior medium in my opinion.

Additionally to their monthly releases they also informed us of their guests for the Leipzig Book Fair, being: Anike Hage (Gothic Sports), Anna Hollmann (Stupid Story), Anne Pätzke (Kulla and the wishing flower – lit. translated), Christina Plaka (Yonen Buzz), Natalie Wormsbecher (Demon Boy Lain, Summer Rain), Reyhan Yildirim (Tylsim), Jenny (Pink Diary) and Kei Ishiyama (Grimm’s Manga).

Emma Volume #8

Beck Volume #16
Ichigo 100% Volume #12
Archlord Volume #6
Bleach Volume #20
Blue Dragon Volume #2
Death Note Volume #10
King of Hell Volume #6
The Prince of Tennis Volume #20
ReCast Volume #6
Keroro Gunsou Volume #13

Mamotte Shugogetten! Retrouvailles Volume 6
Ciel Volume #3
Honey x Honey Drops Volume #3
The Wallflower Volume #18
Legend Volume #7
Selena Lin: Burning Moon Volume #5
Sweet & Sensitive Volume #15
Ultra Maniac Volume #4

Global Manga
Bizenghast Volume #2

Seinen: 1 | Shounen: 10 | Josei: 0 | Shoujo: 8 | Shoujo Ai: 0 | Shounen Ai: 0 | Global: 1 | Art-books: 0 = 20
Tokyopop: 20

– I don’t list novels and DVD releases by the publishers.
– Manga marked with a * are usually on my shopping list, won’t get any of mine this month though!

Edit: Removed Beck from the seinen genre, as it’s not a seinen.