My two weeks long exam period starts in ca. 9 days, but after I’m through with them, I can – at last read manga again! I’ll also have more time to finish off some review drafts, which have been piling up for a while now. January was a very light month, with only two titles on my list, but February is the opposite with 7 definite purchases and 3 possible ones. Below you can find the list –same procedure as every year shopping list entry (ref. to this)

Carlsen Manga:
Kyoko Karasuma Volume #4
I planned on finishing the review of volume 3 a long time ago, I guess I will reread volume 3, finish the review, so then I’m all set for the fourth installment!
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume #7
This should complete the prior arch and start the last sub-arc, before it leads us to the main story of this awesome story by two Koreans.

Dark Horse:
Shaman Warrior Volume #6
It’ would be interesting to know if Dark Horse will sell more Dangu volumes now than they did before. Reason: Dangu was recently cancelled in Germany and I know some people plan to buy the American version now.

Del Rey:
Mushishi Volume #3
I love how Yuki Urushibara is able to create this eerie feeling on one and calmness on the other hand. A pity Del Rey doesn’t include the terrific looking colored pages! ;(

TsukihimeVolume #5
I completely forgot what happened in Volume 4, but I guess I will have time re-reading the prior volumes, as this will ship in late February and might take even more time until it arrives here.

Tokyopop US:
Rose Hip Zero Volume Volume #5
Oha, the last volume of RHZ, which has been put on hold in Japan and I doubt I will find a satisfying ending. I’m still looking forward to this ‘Guns N’ Roses N’ Girls’ manga.
Threads of Time Volume #11
One of the few good licensed manhwa. It contains splendid art, but lacks on the story part. I, however, am looking forward on the completion of this series.

Purchase Pending:
Yen Press:
Black God Volume #2
It’s not that I didn’t like volume 1, it was just that something was missing to convince me to further purchase that series. It simply didn’t live up to my expectations. It might be too generic, too shounen-ish, for my personal taste. I will decide spontaneously, when I know more about my monthly capital to ‘invest’.

Del Rey:
Airgear Volume Volume #7
Despite Oh!Great’s splendid art I have to say I’ve grown tired of this manga. The fact that it’s already at volume 19 and ongoing makes its purchase even less likely. In my opinion, it not only demands great dedication to purchase a manga with even more than 10 volumes, but also a regular income. Especially if it’s a shounen and therefore doomed to repeat itself or throw in crazy and forced plot twists that makes it even less appealing to me.
Yozakura Quartet Volume #1
A manga by a character designer, sounds interesting, I liked King of Thorns, it had something unique to its art and how the story at the end is solved makes it worth every page, though the pacing and panelling might be off. And in opposite to King of Thorns this manga is a shounen, i.e. limited in many ways. The plot synopsis also makes it sound very generic, however his participation in “Robot” balances that to some extend.