So now that we all are familiar with the German releases in March, here’s my shopping list for the same month. It got rather heavy, with 9 definite purchases, 10 if you count Taniguchi’s release as two (2x price, 2x pages), that’s 3 more than last month and 8 more than in January!

Carlsen Manga:
Eight Volume #3
Volume 1 and 2 were surprisingly good. The volume 3 cover already looks promising, but we all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! Which basically means you should buy it and read it, capitalistic slogan!
My Father’s Journal Single Volume
Another Taniguchi title in my hands! It costs 14€, so I hope it will live up to its price. Content-wise, the 14€ are justified, 288 pages, some coloured pages and an overall nice design. Let’s hope it’ll be worth my 14 bucks, enjoyment-wise, too.
Kamiyadori Volume #5
Kei Sanbe‘s other manga didn’t get enough time to develop and therefore had a horrible ending. Let’s assume he learned by now and will provide us with a satisfying ending.
Speed Grapher Volume #1
Three volumes, complete, nice art & seinen, enough to get me interested in it and now that I hold it in my hand its design and layout is done very nicely and looks like it was worth my 7,50€.

Blade of the Immortal Volume #21
Yeay! More Samura. I wish they would release some crazy Samura art book in Germany, but chances for that happening tend to zero. But as long as they keep Blade of the Immortal coming I’m satisfied.

JUNK – Record of the Last Hero Volume #6
After volume four was pretty bad, volume five gets the story back on “track”, so I’ll follow this one through the end, apparently that means one more volume after this one.
Welcome to the NHK Volume #6
I still have to read volume five, but I think I’ll wait until I own 6 through 8, so I can read them all in one go; it’s more fun reading manga that way.
Chunchu – The Genocide Fiend Volume #6
I didn’t like the last two volumes, as it contained too many emo-crazy-nobody-loves-me-I-am-all-alone situations. I’ll see what volume 6 will do about that, maybe it can offer an interesting plot twist, but I don’t expect much, It’ll probably be the last volume I’ll buy.

VIZ Media:
Claymore Volume #11
I like the story, I like the art and I finally got volume 5 and 7 delivered, after a year or so…which means, when this one arrives I have 6 volumes of Claymore to be read. Something one can look forward to.

Purchase Pending:
Del Rey
Pumpkin Scissors Volume #2
When I bought Pumpkin Scissors volume 1 I already knew that it wasn’t a manga that I’d usually read, however it had something intriguing that made me order it. Sadly, volume 1 was pretty boring and generic, so that’s why its purchase is pending until I don’t find any other series to buy. ;)