The list below was posted by a Carlsen official a few weeks ago and I had totally forgotten about it until someone bumped it up again. I thought it’s interesting to see that Carlsen‘s own productions sold so well. For a more detailed list check below.

1. Naruto
2. One Piece
4. Luxus
5. Vampire Knight
6. Futari Ecchi
7. Desire
8. Junjo Romantica
9. Fairy Cube
10. Drachenschnee(=Dragon Snow)
11. Koi wa Keiyaku no Atode
12. Takumi-kun
13. Wild Fish
14. Crown
15. Cheeky Vampire
16. Raccoon
17. Tenshi no Hitsugi
18. White Pearl
19. Fruits Basket
20. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Seinen: 1 | Shounen: 3 | Shoujo: 7 | Shounen Ai: 5 | Chibi: 4

Additional info:
– “Chibi” manga are global (German) productions by Carlsen and just use a smaller format than the normal German manga, but also use a different art-style (=”super deformed“)
– Except the top 5, the units sold are pretty close together (no figures stated)
– Of each series the volume with the most units sold was placed in the Top 20, so every series is represented by one volume and not the total amount
– More females than males read manga, which the lists reflects
– Longer series are not as popular as short ones and one-shots
– Battle Angel Alita and Vampire Hunter D sold especially well for the “seinen” titles not on the list
– Manga not on the list still sell well

Side Note: A link to Carlsen’s Leipzig Book Fair blog, not much text, but some cosplay pics, if you are interested in adults dressing up as 14 year olds… (yeah, I’m one of these anti-cosplay/figurine guys).

Last but not least Carlsen just published their first sortiment for online pre-viewing. Their selection is not very broad, but if you are interested in the art of German mangaka be sure to check it out (click on the respective volume and then on “online blättern” or “Leseprobe”).