Spiegel Online, the online portal of Germany’s leading and Europe’s biggest weekly magazine, recently (at least when I started to write this post) published another article from their reports on German mangaka. However instead of posting a link to one article, I will use the chance to list their other articles as well. All articles are in German, but even if you don’t understand German you can check out the art samples.

I’m personally not a fan of German manga, not because they are German, but rather because their stories lack a certain touch and uniqueness. They often either try to emulate a Japanese setting or “japanize” German settings (might be a reason why no work by a German mangaka was in the Top 20 of Kodansha’s Second Manga Award). I’m not very fond of the art either, it’s mediocre, which is not enough, especially if combined with a boring story. It’s maybe not even the mangaka’s fault but rather the fact that their target group is 14 year old girls and I’m very far from being one ;). Well, enough of my blabbering here’s the list:

Article List (MORE LISTS!)
Manga Star Judith Park

Irina Frisorger – Gegen den Girlie-Strom (Against the “Girly-Stream”)

Olivia Vieweg – Fleißige Venus (Dilligent Venus)

Christina Plaka – Punk sei Dank! (Thanks to/Thank you Punk!)

Aus die Maus [Over and out/Game Over (for (Mickey) Mouse)]

Dorota Grabarczyk & Olga Andryienko – Kichern gegen den Kleinmädchen-Kitsch (Giggling against the girly-kitsch)

Jung, weiblich, sexy… Zeichnerin (Young, female, sexy… artist)

Judith Park – Geständnisse einer Manga-Süchtigen (Confessions of a Manga Addict)

Not by Spiegel, but worth a look if you can read German, is the interview with Dr. Joachim Kamps, Managing Director of the German Tokyopop branch by AnimeY: First Part and Second Part.

Another Interview (in German again) with Kazuhiko Torishima, one of the oldest Shonen Jump editors and responsible for Akira Toriyama’s Dr. Slump and many more.