Yup, yup it does! After an April without any manga purchases, May is full of them, and by full, I mean PACKED. 9 manga with two new series, lots of manly seinen action, spiced up with some mindless shounen; in other words: a great month! Here’s the shopping list for May:

Carlsen Manga:
Alive! Single Volume
The top-notch seinen title in May defiantly is Alive! by Tsutomu Takahashi! I really hope it sells well, so some of his other works can get licensed (Sidooh, Skyhigh, etc).…maybe I should order 10 copies myself?
Black Lagoon Volume #6
I wonder what happens now, after they –more or less- accomplished their mission in Japan in volume 5. I hope for a longer arc this time, with more insight into the character’s pasts and maybe a tiny bit of romance development between Rock and Levi!
Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume #11
With volume 11 being released in Germany, we caught up with Japan tankobon releases, until volume 12 gets published there. From what I’ve heard, this manga is coming to an end, but I’ll know more after I’m done reading #11.
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume #8
I haven’t even read volume 7 and volume 8 is already knocking at my door! I guess it’s time to do so and finally finish off all the other pending reviews, which are currently slumbering on my hard drive.
Speed Grapher Volume #2
If I had posted my review of volume 1, you would know that I was not really pleased with volume 1 at all. Actually I wouldn’t advise people to buy either volume 1 or volume 2, even though I am buying them, the reason solely being my “Monk”-like character; if possible I want a COMPLETE series to be on my shelf.

Del Rey:
Mushishi Volume #4
Its subtleness and tranquility might not be necessarily rare in Japan, but it certainly is in translated and licensed manga. Sadly Del Rey won’t add colored pages to the books, even though they are magnificent! I can only pray that no German publisher will license Mushishi and have the coloured pages, because then I’d have to buy them all again!

Chunchu – The Genocide Fiend Volume #7
Well, volume 6 was better than I had expected it to be. There weren’t many uber-emo-moments, compared to the volumes before; I hope that’ll continue so I can buy all 15 volumes.

Chronicles of a Cursed Sword Volume #21
It’s shounen. It’s as generic as all the others, but somehow I still enjoy myself reading this more than many other shounen series that I tried…I have no clue why though….

Seven Seas Entertainment:
Dance in the Vampire Bund Volume #1
I think I mentioned before how vampire stories/movies/books fascinate me and this is another one! Let’s see how good it is. The synopsis certainly sounds interesting.