As the last of the three big German publisher Carlsen released their list of new licenses today. I will again not order the releases by publisher, but instead by genre. This time it’s not as colorful as the post before, as I only list the three major German publishers (and because the others have yet to announce any new licenses).

Syurayuki Hime – Fukkatsu No Shou by Kazuo Koike & Kazuo Kamimura (Carlsen)*
Welcome to NHK by Tatsuhiko Takimoto & Kendi Oiwa (Carlsen)

Biomega by Tsutomu Nihei (Egmont)*

Shadow Lady by Masakazu Katsura (Carlsen)
Hitomi no Catoblepas by Yasuki Tanaka (Carlsen)
Etoile – Sanjuushi Seira by Hiroshi Izawa & Kotaro Yamada (Carlsen)
Dragon Ballz Z – The Super-Saiyajin by Akira Toriyama & Jump Editorial (Carlsen)

Magister Negi Magi Neo by Takuya Fujima & Ken Akamatsu (Egmont)
Claymore by Norihiro Yagi (Tokyopop)
To-Love-Ru by Kentaro Yabuki & Saki Hasemi (Tokyopop)

Spicy Pink by Wataru Yoshizumi (Tokyopop)
Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki by Yuki Yoshihara (Tokyopop)

Love Cupid by Miki Kiritani (Carlsen)
After School Nightmare by Setona Mizushiro (Carlsen)

Chu Chu Chu by Tsubaki Nakashima (Egmont)
Byakuya Zoushi by Miyagi Tooko (Egmont)
Desire Climax by Ukyou Ayane (Egmont)
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne – Perfect Edition by Arine Tanemura (Egmont)
Stroke Material – My Fuckin’ Lover by Kotobuki Astuta (Egmont, awesome name…if it was a hentai!)
Tonari no Shugoshin by Ako Shimaki (Egmont)

Hell Girl by Miyuki Etoo (Tokyopop)
Nagatacho Strawberry by Mayu Sakai (Tokyopop)
Sugars* by Minori Kurosaki (Tokyopop)
Mainichi ga H Youbi by Kasane Katsumoto (Tokyopop)
P x P by Wataru Yoshizumi (Tokyopop)
Mannaka no Ouji by Minori Kurosaki (Tokyopop)
Love Berrish! by Nana Haruta (Tokyopop)
Aishiteruze Baby** by Yoko Maki (Tokyopop)
Princess Ai: Rumours from the Other Side by Various (Tokyopop)

Shounen Ai
Arty Square by Mamiya Oki (Carlsen)
O-Nozomi No Mama Ni by Kae Maruya (Carlsen)
Guns & Flowers by Reiichi Hiiro (Carlsen)
Nee, Sensei? by Yaya Sakuragi (Carlsen)
Prince of Monster by Modoru Motoni (Carlsen)
Soba ni Oitene by Yaya Sakuragi (Carlsen)
Romance – Amakute Kiken no Himitsu by Moka Azumi (Carlsen)
Tenohira no Seiza by Yukine Honami & Chisako Sakuragi (Carlsen)

Boys Love by Kaim Tachibana (Egmont)
Kekkon Dekinai Otokotachi by Sakuya Fujii (Egmont)
Kuchibiru ni Amai Doku by Mieko Koide (Egmont)
King’s Game – Ousama Game by Ryo Takagi (Egmont)

Finder by Ayano Yamane (Tokyopop)
Kagakushitsu e Dozo by Rie Honjoh (Tokyopop)

Shoujo Ai
Shojo bigaku – Girl’s love by Chi-Ran (Egmont)* (the cover looks crappy, but maybe the art is decent)

Global Manga
Personal Paradise – Miss Misery by Melanie Schober (Carlsen)
Killing Iago by Zofia Garden

Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter (Tokyopop)
Starcraft: Frontline by Various (Tokyopop)*
Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives by Ellen Schreiber & REM (Tokyopop)

Prince Sapphire Artbook by Makoto Tateno (Egmont)
Bleach: All Colour But The Black by Tite Kubo (Tokyopop)
Orange by Benjamin (Tokyopop)*

Light Novels
.hack//Another Birth by Not Mentioned (Carlsen)
Death Note: L change the WorLd by M & Takeshi Obata (Tokyopop)
Operation Love by Mari Asami & Hinako Takanaga (Tokyopop)

Seinen: 3 (-3) | Shounen: 7 (-) | Josei: 2 (-1)| Shoujo 17[+2] (+5[+7]) | Shounen Ai 14 (+6) | Shoujo Ai 1 (+1) | Global 5 (-3) | Art-books 3 (-) | Light Novels 3 (-2) = 55[+2] (+4[+6])
Carlsen: 19[21](-1[+1]) | Egmont: 14 (-) | Tokyopop: 22 (+6)

– Number in the bracket relate to my past license summary, just without Panini and Heyne!
Carlsen further announced two additional shoujo projects, but has not disclosed them yet.
– Manga marked with an “*” are on my shopping list


Well, what should I say…a very meager amount of interesting licenses. Carlsen has two nice seinen, with Lady Snowblood and NHK, but I’m already buying the latter. My favorite license by far is Biomega by Nihei. I loved Blame and was eagerly awaiting a new series by him. As you can see from the numbers, less seinen and more shoujo and especially shounen ai got licensed. Indicating that the market is not yet ripe for more mature manga and maybe never will be.

Fall and winter would be boring, if it wasn’t for the American publishers releasing some seinen as well. I hope the euro will remain strong, so their manga stays low priced for me…and now it’s time to shed some manly tears! ;(