Comic Salon
The Comic Salon 2008 is coming up! The biennial comic convention will take place in Erlangen from May 22nd until 25th. The three big German manga publishers will be present and some of them have star guests attending, one of them being Eiki Eiki via Egmont. She’ll sign autographs at the respective panel throughout the convention and on Sunday there will be an interview held.

If you know German and have any specific questions, here is the place to ask them. If you don’t know German but still want to relay your questions write them in the comments or send me an email. I will translate and post them at the thread for you. So far, six of Eiki Eiki’s works have been licensed and released in Germany; they include: Prime Minister, Color, Dear Myself, Kiss, Yuigon and “Train Train. On a sad note, Natsuki Sumeragi, mangaka of Yanjing Linren Chao (released under the name Peking Reijinshou), was also invited but she had to cancel her visit.

Tokyopop will also be attending the convention, focusing their panel on Chinese manhua. Star guest here is Benjamin, who’ll also sign autographs, probably on his first in Germany published work: Remember.
A complete list for all guests and their country can be found here.

Furthermore the Max & Moritz Prize will be awarded to different comics. Nominated in the category “Best Manga” are Lady Snowblood by Kazuo Koike & Kazuo Kamimura, What a Wonderful World by Inio Asano, and Harukana Machi E by Jiro Taniguchi. Kazuo Koike is also one of the contenders for “Best Author”. More information can be found here (Max und Moritz, and click on english!).

Heyne cancels manga: It’s definite. Gacha Gacha, Life, and Yagyu Ninpo Cho are discontinued. Heyne Manga now wants to concentrate on their other popular series. One of them, in contrast to my prior post, is Samurai Deeper Kyo. Another good-running series, Pichi Pichi Pitch might get a special edition.

In April, the online portal of the Frankfurter Rundschau reviewed Chichi no Koyomi (in German) and is pleased with its pace and theme.

Some weeks ago the Süddeutsche Zeitung had an article on manga in Germany by Germans. Alas the link doesn’t work anymore and you’d have to pay to read it online, so here’s an extract of the –in my opinion, most interesting part.

Anike Hage:Ich hoffe sehr, dass die Inhalte sich in Zukunft ändern dürfen. Im Moment hat man keine andere Wahl, als für junge Frauen zu arbeiten. Alle anderen Projekte werden argwöhnisch beäugt, und es kommt sofort die Frage, ob sich so etwas wohl gut verkaufen lässt.

Translation: I honestly hope that in the future, there will be change in content. At the moment, there is no other choice than to aim your work at young women. All other ideas and projects will be eyed suspiciously, and whether or not it will sell will be under debate.

For example, the newspaper mentioned “Yonen Buzz” by Christina Plaka. Since the series started five years ago, not only the heartsickness theme have gone, but also the drawing style got more mature and realistic, causing the series to suffer a loss in sale figures of around two-thirds.

Homunculus by Hideo Yamamoto is being wracked with horrid sales. The sales figures are so bad that it’s now on the verge of being canceled in Germany. Nothing definite has been decided, but no new release date for volume 7 has been set. I really hope they’ll manage to continue it, as it’s one of my favorite manga.

And another piece of bad news to balance the post: Egmont will also increase its prices for manga. Egmont is following Heyne’s example, but so far only raising the price for all 5€ series to 6€.