I wish my apartment had a terrace or a balcony. I could enjoy my manga, drink some ice coffee and get a bit more tanned at the same time! Alas, I don’t possess such a noble and bourgeois thing and have to settle with manga and an occasional coffee, while the sun shines through my windows. June certainly does provide me with quality manga. It has some promising continuations, mixed with some intriguing one-shots. And I hope they’ll live up to my expectations and deliver the relaxation, now that university work picks up pace.

Carlsen Manga:
Blood Alone Volume #4
The cute & little vampire Misaki is back! Let’s see if we’ll find out more about Kuroe’s past, as a vampire hunter and what exactly happened to his sister.

Gunslinger Girl Volume #8
Another not too manly manga on my shopping list, still always a nice read. The long waiting time for the next volume always makes me forget the plot. I’ll have to reread volume 7.
Holidy Single Volume
After Goth this is Otsuichi’s second one-shot released in Germany. I liked Goth, not as much as some other people, but it was an entertaining read, let’s hope this applies to Holiday as well.

Junk: Record of the Last Hero Volume #7
The last volume! I wonder how it’ll end. Seven volumes is a good number to finish a series. It means it didn’t drag on and at the same time is also not rushed. There are very few manga, who are able to produce high quality over more than ten volumes: Berserk, BotI, Eden & Vagabond are some of them.

Benjamin: Remember One-shot
I already bought this mix of one-shots and illustrations at the Comic Salon (the report should be done by tomorrow). I’m very impressed with his works so far, awesome quality and color compositions.

Welcome to NHK Volume #7
More NHK for me! Despite the fact that it was licensed in Germany I will still buy the American releases. Sorry Carlsen, but you are about one and a half year too late! I wonder if Tokyopop will manage to keep the height at the same size this time (basically every NHK volume has a different height)

Purchase Pending
Voices of a distant star Single Volume
If I’m informed correctly this one ties up the loose ends of the movie. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I’m not sure if the manga will make much sense without being familiar with the movie plot. I might buy it once I’ve watched the movie. I’m not a big fan of romance stories anyway.

Sin Volume #3
I have one and two, but I’m not sure if I want to continue buying it, I’ll take a closer look at it first.