No introductory paragraph, because I’m too lazy to think about one and am busy with exams! Oh, and if you wonder what happened to the “German Manga Charts”, I don’t know either, it seems there were no new charts released since February.

Carlsen Manga
Astral Project Volume #3
It seems the high quality material they have been waiting for arrived and they even managed to release it four months later. I’m very eager to read about the further development of Astral Project and if it can continue the top-notch storytelling so far. Tsuchiya, please don’t disappoint me!
Eight Volume #4
The final Volume of a very good series. Volume 3 was not what I had liked it to be, but let’s see what the final volume confronts me with. I’m usually disappointed by how manga end, but I think that’s because of the general difficulty in ending a story, while still pleasing everyone. However, I hope that Atsushi Kamijo will manage to find a nice way to spin a memorable end.
Kamiyadori Volume #5
This is another series that concludes with this month’s release. I wasn’t a big fan of this series to begin with, but I kept reading it regardless. It somehow left me with a bad aftertaste, like I wasted my money. Let’s see if the last volume can make me feel that it was a worthwhile purchase. </em

Del Rey
Me & the Devil Blues Volume #1
Another anticipated title on my list. I personally was never a huge fan of Blues fan; however, I grew up with a father adoring this music so I have emotional ties to it. I’ll make sure to buy and show to it my dad; I wonder what his reaction will be? (I’m not sure if I should count it as an early “August” title or late July title; I just decided on the latter to make it simpler for me.)
Yotsuba&! Volume #5
During my bleak exam time, this is one of the flames to brighten my path! Yotsuba&! be my guide through the darkness of seriousness and studying! Lighten my path to revelation!

VIZ Media
Real Volume #1
Wohooo, another REAL MANGA being REALeased this unREAL month (Ain’t I funny?!). I played basketball for some time in school and enjoyed it; let’s see what Inoue manages to do with this one. I only heard praise for it so far and this is probably my most anticipated release for this month, despite strong contesters with Astral Project and Eight.

Purchase Pending
Del Rey
Air Gear Volume #9
Well, as of now, I dropped Air Gear. This will be my last time mentioning it; maybe, maybe I will buy the German volumes some time later, but I don’t think the chances are high.
Chunchu – the Genocide Fiend Volume #8
This manga has been on my potential cut-off list for a while now and I think I’m through with it! It’s not a bad manhwa, but its main elements are too shounen-ish, too emo-ish; nothing of substance, neither story nor art-wise.