Yup, yup! Three more licenses for Germany! Two for Schreiber & Leser (Writers & Readers), a small German comic publisher focusing on mature and non-mainstream titles (their repertoire include: Taniguchi’s Kamigami no Itadaki, Crying Freeman and Hideo Azuma’s Shissou Nikki, and one for Tokyopop.

Schreiber & Leser licensed their second title by Kiriko Nananan, mangaka of Blue (licensed in America by Ponent Mon & Fanfare). It’s another single volume called Itaitashii Love. I might buy it, as I already was interested in Blue, but the price set at 14.95€ (~$24), which is quite high.

The other title licensed by Schreiber & Leser is Strain, a five volume long seinen manga series. The story is written by Ikegami Ryoichi and the art by Buronson, both established and known mangaka. Their works are as manly as they can get, involving blood, sex, drugs, and rock’n roll. Each volume will cost 12.25€ (~$20).

In their recent newsletter Tokyopop.de mentioned that they plan on “seinen-up” their manga properties. To give us a glimpse they revealed one of their new licenses for winter/spring 2008/2009. It’s a seinen title and a very infamous one: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami & Masayuki Taguchi , which has been butchered by an earlier translation, considered one of the worst ever, by Tokyopop North America. I wonder how Tokyopop.de will handle the violence, rape and gore scenes. MPD Psycho was thought to be too gory for the German market, but Battle Royale is fine?