Note that some manga don’t appear on the list because titles sell particularly well during the first few weeks; e.g. Vampire Knight is the bestselling shoujo manga at the moment, but as its last volume was published in March, it’s not at the top of the shoujo properties.

Also keep in mind that some specific properties sell very well over time. If this list consisted of time frames of half a year or more, Dragon Ball for example, would definitely be on it.

Carlsen’s bestselling titles from May to June:
1. Naruto
2. One Piece
3. DAISUKI-Magazine
4. Chibi Vampire
5. Futari Ecchi
6. Ludwig Kakumei
7. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
8. Only The Ring Finger Knows
9. Rin!
10. Neon Genesis Evangelion
11. Black Cat
12. Love Mode
13. Love Hustler
14. Vampire Knight
15. Kiss Me Teacher
16. Battle Angel Alita – Last Order
17. When A Man Loves A Man
18. Junjo Romantica
19. Naruto
20. Special A
21. .hack//G.U.+
22. Crown
23. Ouran High School Host Club
24. Shaman King
25. Hunter X Hunter

Seinen: 2 | Shounen: 8 | Josei: 0 | Shoujo: 7 | Shoujo Ai: 0 | Shounen Ai: 6 | Light Novels: 2 | Art-books: 0 | Global: 0 | Other: 0

And as for the monthly manga charts, they’ll be using a new system soon and are currently going through a transition phase. The former charts were based on a panel questioning of 30 comic bookstores and then determined via a point system and not the actual sales. The charts were not representative for Germany; however, they do show the general bestsellers.

The new charts will be made by Media Control/GfK and based on actual sales, making them more accurate and representative. I think the manga charts for July will be the first one to be released with the new system. The publishers had access to those numbers before though; this just means that they’ll be public now.

Edit: Updated the numbers, god what was I counting?!