When Carlsen Manga announced their new program for Fall/Winter 2008/2009, they intentionally didn’t mention two shoujo series. I don’t know why they did that, but they did. Then some weeks ago they told the public about the new acquisitions, but I missed it, so my news about them is a bit late.

Their new acquisition is Kaichou wa Maid-sama! by Hiro Fujiwara: Yes, the same title Tokyopop.com just recently announced at Anime Expo 2008. The description reads like another standard shoujo title, but who am I to judge the female taste (as if there’s any?! HA!). It’ll start its serialization in January in Carlsen‘s monthly manga magazine Daisuki.

The second title is one of their own productions by Judith Park called Kimchi, like the traditional Korean food, which I used to eat but never came to like. I never read any of Judith Park’s manga and doubt I ever will, since it’s shoujo.

Tokyopop’s new license is also a shoujo manga, named Aozora Pop. It was mentioned several times in the “wish thread” at Tokyopop.de’s board. Aozora Pop isn’t licensed in the US. The manga is done by Natsumi Oouchi and is completed in five volumes. The first volume will be available in December.

Most of the cancelled series have been – on hiatus for a while, but lacked the confirmation of their respective status. Publisher, of course, try not tell people that certain manga have been cancelled, because that would definitely harm their reputation and cause people to stop purchasing the already released series. Very lame!

The first cancelled series is a manhwa shounen-ai series Martin & John, published by Panini. Hee Jung Park might be more known to the US for his/her work Hotel Africa, which, like Martin & John, is licensed by Tokyopop.com in the US. I think 4 out of 5 volumes were published. The official status is currently on “paused indefinitely”.

The second cancellation is Tactics, a cooperation between Sakura Kinoshita and Kazuki Higashiyama, which was published by Carlsen. Seven of ten volumes have been published. Tokyopop.com bought the license from ADV, with volume six to be released in September.

All other cancelled manga were published in Germany by Egmont and used to run in their shounen manga magazine Manga Twister: Yakitate!! Japan (8/26 volumes published) Ueki no Housoko (3/16), Konjiki no Gash Bell!! (7/33) and Mister Zipangu (3 von 8). Aside from Yakitate!!Japan the thing they seem to have in common is the lack of appeal to both gender other shounen obviously offer (Inuyasha) or lack of anime tie-ins (Naruto, Detective Conan).

Another series that Egmont had to cancel was Kaito St. Tail. Six of seven volumes have been published, but as the last volume was not relevant to the story it was dropped.

Not a direct cessation, but also related to the topic. The Pluto license Egmont used to have is obsolete and other publishers are free to purchase the rights. Egmont had earlier announced the acquisition of Pluto, but then never released it. There were some kind of misunderstanding between Egmont and the respective Japanese publisher. VIZ managed to acquire it though! Lucky Americans!