I forgot to post my August shopping list, so here it is, combined with the September shopping list. The September releases contain a wide range of different comic media and also a wide range of “sub-genre”. It’s a pretty awesome month. I wonder what October has in store for me.

Carlsen Manga
Astral Project Volume #4
Volume three was great. My expectations for volume 4 are even higher now, maybe too high. I hope marginal will find a fitting ending for such a dramatic, fluent story.
Kyoko Karasuma Volume #5
Kyoko Karasuma is action-heavier than Astral Project and at the same time more superficial; it’s a simple manga. Still, the artwork and spiced up political intrigues make it a good read. I hope I’ll get to see more Kyoko action in volume 5. The cover looks great!
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume #9
Not much to say; I still haven’t read volume 7 & 8 thoroughly enough (just browsed through it) to know what volume 9 will be about, but if it keeps up its quality, I sure won’t be disappointed.
Speed Grapher Volume #3
This is the final installment of a rather mediocre series so far. The first one was simply disappointing, the second one was okay; let’s hope the third one will further increase its quality so I didn’t spend 18€ for nothing.

Del Rey
Mushishi Volume #5
Mushishi is a winter series. You take a seat in the armchair at the fireplace, drink hot chocolate, dim the light, and cover yourself with a blanket. But once you start reading Mushishi, all of that is unnecessary. Mushishi warms your body from the deepest parts of one’s soul and calms one down.

Eden Volume #16
The sad news is Eden is over in Japan. The good news is that means Eden will be not too long and not too short. I’m still not sure where the story is going, but I can assume volume 16 will contain some hints about its potential direction. Only three (including this one) volumes left to the end; I’m excited!
Vagabond Volume #25
Thanks to purchasing REAL volume #1 and consuming it with great pleasure, I’m now looking forward to Inoue’s historical samurai epic. Inoue at his best! I’m only sad that Egmont will greyscale Inoue’s awesome coloured pages. Then again, his coloured pages did look weird in REAL, when VIZ used different paper material. I’ll also be buying the “Water” the art book and it will contain the Vagabond colour spreads.

Seven Seas Entertainment
Dance in the Vampire Bund Volume #2
I’m not sure if this will actually be released in August; SSE website lists it, but Amazon.de doesn’t (Comment: It was released). I wonder which site is more up to date. Anyway, I liked the first volume, I know the story opening was – let’s say shaky – but apart from that, it has vampires, action, and blood; maybe it’ll develop into a good story?

Benjamin: Orange Single Volume
I’m still not sure whether Benjamin is worth all the praise. Benjamin: Remember was great art-wise; story-wise it was subpar. I think it might lack the universality manga possess. Maybe that’s his Chinese influence, maybe that’s his own style, but I’m not sure it’s a style I like. I’ll buy this one to see if my first impression of his work was wrong or if my opinion gets confirmed.

Welcome to NHK Volume #8
The last volume of our crazy-psycho otaku couple. Let’s see how the story wraps up.

VIZ Media
Water: Vagabond Illustration Collection
Sumi: Vagabond Illustration Collection
Do I even need to comment? Vagabond Illustration Collections! Not only is Inoue the person with one of the best art in the genre, but also a great colourist. I’m so looking forward to these art books. No matter how expensive they’re I want ZEM!!

Purchase Pending
Carlsen Manga
Blood+ Volume #1
I don’t know; I liked the anime, but I had my fair share of disappointments with manga adaptations recently. Maybe I’ll browse through it or wait for potential reviews. Sadly, the German manga blog sphere isn’t as lively as the American one. Plus, most of the manga reviewed are either yaoi, shoujo or shounen manga. But as Blood+ seems to possess great crossover appeal and an anime tie-in the chances should be high for it to get reviewed.
Inu wo Kau Single Volume
Another Taniguchi manga but I’m not THAT fond of his works that I would buy everything they publish. The main problem is the price but also I have a hard time identifying myself with 40year old salary men. The art is a nice contrast to most of my other purchases, but if I can’t get myself to *love* the story, it isn’t worth much.

Panini Manga
Gekkoh Volume #1
What an interesting series to license and what an equally risky move. This series is full of fanservice, and even more close-to-hardcore scenes. I should support Panini, but hey, they canned a few of my series, so this is only on my potential purchase list.