My vacation is over. I’m back at my own place and my second university week has started. Manga-wise, October looks to be very light. Only 4 manga are on my list. However, I recently bought Manga – Sixty Years of Japanese Comics by Paul Gravett, as well as Ga-netchu! Das Manga / Anime Syndrom by various accomplished German and English journalists. I still have to finish reading both of them.

Gon Volume #6
I don’t think I mentioned Gon on any of my shopping lists before because I usually buy it way after it’s out. It never was high on my priority list, but as you can see, October doesn’t offer many other manga.

Goth’s Cage Volume #1
The website still lists it to be released on the 27th of October; I hope that means it’ll actually be released at that time, too. It’s another manga by Yasushi Suzuki and I hope he gained the experience to create a better manga this time. I do wonder though why he’s doing two manga at the same time for DGN/DRMasters, since I’m sure that’s not the only thing he’s working on.

Blade of the Immortal Volume #22
The cover of volume 22 doesn’t look too impressive, but who the hell would judge BotI by its cover?! I’m sure it’ll contain more action scenes than the prior installment, but no matter what it’s about, I’m looking forward reading it.

VIZ Media
Real Volume #2
Both of my Vagabond Illustration art books arrived safely and now it’s time for more Inoue manga already! I enjoyed volume one, although I’m not too fond of basketball. But at least it’s a better sport than American football and baseball. FOOTBALL FTW!