Grubby just won the World Cyber Games in a very close and epic encounter against his clan mate Moon. Now that most of the eSport events this year are over I’ll have more time for manga again. This month looks slim with only 5 manga on my list, but Solanin counts for 2 and Ikkyu should count for 1.5 so it settles at a nice amount of reading material.

Carlsen Manga
Ikkyu Volume #1
Ikkyu is my most anticipated release in November. First it’s a seinen and second it’s set in ancient Japan. To be more exact, it’s about the life of the Japanese Zen Buddhist priest: Ikkyu. A friend commented about the lack of “epic art”, but I don’t think the story needs to complemented by “epic art”.
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume #10
Despite my earlier promise that I will catch up to the recent releases, I haven’t done so yet. The cover of volume 10 looks amazing and so do the coloured pages. From my browsing I can see that the events took a pretty unexpected turn.

Del Rey
Mushishi Volume #6
It’s getting cold outside but getting hot in here! I’m happy that I can spend my long and lonely nights reading manga, especially when it’s as good as Mushishi. On a side note: When I checked for Mushishi releases on I saw volume 4 being offered for 5,40€; that’s like 50% off. Strange.

VIZ Manga
Claymore Volume #13
It’s a nice read. Nothing spectacular, but entertaining nonetheless. I’m interested in finding out what’ll happen to Claire and her group, now that they’ve returned to the South with their refined skills. Let’s see how the power balance has changed and where Raki went off to.
Solanin Volume #1
If it weren’t for Ikkyu, Solanin would definitely be my most anticipated November release. I loved Asano’s What a Wonderful World (released by Egmont in Germany); alas, it never got the public exposure it deserved. And furthermore, Egmont even stated that the chances for another Asano manga are close to zero. I hope Solanin will sell enough copies for VIZ to consider more of Inio Asano’s manga. VIZ to the rescue!