Here’s my very late shopping list for December and my just-in-time list for January. Sadly, amazon just had to deliver my December orders after I left for my home town and by now the mail probably has been already sent back, because I didn’t fetch them within the 7-day period. Oh well, guess I’ll have to order them again. No money lost.


Carlsen Manga
Black Lagoon Volume #7
Black Lagoon is a very action-heavy manga. Its strong point doesn’t necessarily lie in its plot, but rather in the intriguing characters and their interaction. It’s a perfect manga to read, when you don’t want to process heavy information.
Syurayuki Hime – Fukkatsu No Shou – Single Volume
New material of this manga by Kazuo Koike & Kazuo Kamimura was discovered in 2006, published a year later and now it’ll be released in Germany! Awesome! I enjoyed Lady Snowblood and hope that the sequel can live up to its precursor.
Yotsuba&! Volume #6
Everyone adores Yotsuba&! I mean how can you not adore it?! It’s a hilarious spectacle! Has anyone asked where Kiyohiko Azuma gets his ideas from? I would be interested to know that.

Seven Seas Entertainment
Dance with the Vampire Bund Volume #3
Hey, hey, hey! More Vampires! The series improved a fair bit in volume 2, but I hope it continues to do so in this volume. SSE does a fine job in the design and I can’t complain about the quality either. Of course I can’t scrutinize their translations, but so far I haven’t read anything bad them.


Egmont Manga
Biomega Volume #1
The first manga by Tsutomu Nihei after Blame to be released in Germany! I loved Blame. It was different. It was confusing. It was mind-blowing.
Eden: It’s an endless world Volume #17
Eden always manages to surprise me. This is the penultimate volume and I’m eager how Endo will finish his masterpiece. But at the same time I’m uneasy. To end a manga like Eden in a satisfying fashion shows the true quality of a mangaka. Hiroki Endo should belong to that category of mangaka.

UDON Entertainment
ROBOT Volume #6
ROBOT opened up a new universe for me. The various artists allowed an art laymen, like myself, to experience different styles and broaden my simple “art horizon” exponentially. I owe ROBOT. Ed Chavez mentioned that UDON had/has troubles with its solicitation, but I hope that they’ll managed to solve problems and can release it ASAP.

VIZ Manga
REAL Volume #3
Yes! What a month, Biomega, Eden and another REAL volume as well! I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I was never a big fan of basketball (or any American sport), but Inoue is always able to fascinate me with his works. REAL far transcends the simple sport genre and that’s why you don’t have to be a sports manga/basketball fan to like it.

Purchase Pending
Gunslinger Girl Volume #9
Uhh, I didn’t even know I was still collecting this manga. I don’t know, maybe I’ll buy this volume, catch up with the manga and then decide whether I’ll continue to buy it or not.