Ah, I never thought I would be MIL (missing in laziness) for so long. I’m done with my exams as well as my extended essays (they were due to the end of march). I guess I’m behind a few months; after all this is still my February shopping list. Then again this was written on May the 5th. I’m not sure how active I will stay as I lost most of my motivation to read manga. They just seem boring to me. I’m reading occasionally, but not as much as I used to and I don’t enjoy it as much as well. And this blog is now more like a burden than an enjoyment, sigh. (I don’t know where to put my manga anyway, I have NO SPACE!)

Carlsen Manga
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume #11
On their board they wrote that the sale figures declined quite a bit, nothing to fear cancellation, but they would be happy if more were to buy it. I hope people will, as Shin Angyo Onshi is probably the best manga by koreans out there. To promote SAO Carlsen will change the format for volume 12 onwards. I don’t like inconsistency in size on my shelf, but if that means better quality I’m okay with it.
Ikkyu Volume #2
Ikkyu volume one was a very entertaining and informative read. The art serves the purpose well and I don’t mean that in a negative way. It’s a nice combination of entertainment and information and therefor it’s a WIN WIN situation for me.

Del Rey
Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei Volume #1
The title is very intriguing. I’ve heard my fair share about it and many have doubt that a good localization of this manga is possible. Let’s see if Del Rey will proof them wrong.

Purgatory Kabuki Volume #2
I’m not sure if this actually has been released already, as the specific link to the volume on the site isn’t working. Amazon lists it as a December release, but amazon has been wrong before when it comes to DrMasters releases. (Edit: arelease date isn’t specified, just 2009, so I guess it wasn’t released yet).

Egmont Manga
Vagabond Volume #26
I don’t think I have to comment on Vagabond. It is one of the best ongoing historical seinen releases and as always I’m looking forward to enjoy a nice quiet afternoon after my exams are done.

Purchase Pending
Benjamin: One Day
I really like his art, but I just can’t connect to any of his stories. And despite the fact that his coloring is breathtaking it often hinders the deciphering of his images. His maybe unique ways to use metaphors is also something I have troubles understanding; perhaps it’s a cultural thing?