I planned on writing a similar blogpost for ages, but my manga was always lying around/not here/borrowed/whatever. So I came to the conclusion that I will always have displaced manga and decided to post on what I have at the moment.

BotI and others

Two of my most loved series: Blade of the Immortal and Homunculus. Chonchu, as you can see, I purchased as well, which I regret now, but can’t change. Same goes for Eight; both series started out nicely but ending up crashing. Volume 1-3 of Eight were awesome, but four just killed it. Booo Japanese publishers for cancelling series mid-through! Volume 1 and 2 are still rented to a friend. I wouldn’t know where to put them anyway…

BotI and others
Awesome series on this shelf as well: KK, Yotsuba, REAL, Black Lagoon and EDEN! Here you can see the big height differences between American manga and German manga. And again between the publishers (Carlsen: Kyoko Karasuma; Tokyopop: Yotsuba&!). I hate how volume 5 of Black Lagoon got cut(?) though, but all of books of that edition were affected, so I can’t exchange it.

Mushishi is one of the best seinen manga. It’s able to create a very unique atmosphere. The first volumes of Junk were very entertaining – the later ones: not so much. In the second row there’s Astral Project, which I enjoyed very much. Kamiyadori and Category: Freaks, I wouldn’t recommend. The core ideas are interesting, but both mangaka don’t explore the possibilities enough. I’m not sure if Category:Freaks is actually still being published or not Kamiyadori is complete – lacks a nice ending though.

The first row contains some pretty cool manga, like Dragon Head or Agharta. I myself am not a big fan of BAA, but I bought it cheaply via ebay (like so many other manga). Still, Ikkyu is probably my favorite series here. The thin thing on the far right is the artbook from Yasushi Suzuki. In the 2nd row we have Airgear (stopped buying), Rebirth (total crap), King of Bandit Jing (art is at least good), Speed Grapher (horrible), XS (good art, crappy story), Time/Era of Death (shittiest shit), Get Backers (fine for shounen – I guess).

My precious little ones! All the Robot volumes. Sadly, it seems Udon won’t publish volume 6 onwards. I didn’t find a release date on the site and so my hope for a continuation is bleak. The two Vagabond artbooks were a bit disappointing. Not the content, but the hard binding (term?) made it hard to actually embrace the featured art samples. I had also hoped for some comment or interview. Oh, well. Missing on the shelf is: Flash by Benjamin. Finally a display of his art without the interference of his annoying bubbles and whiny sub-par effort to spin a story about them. Finally. And then there’s Flight volume 1-3. I know that many manga lovers dislike (most) comics (I’m one of them, superheroes…eww…), but Flight should definitely be considered.

Genshiken really doesn’t deserve to be on that shelf, but I didn’t have any space left to put all the nine volumes next to each other. There’s only Hiroki Endo’s Short Stories volume 1 because I still have to buy volume 2, despite being a big Endo fan. Shame on me. Now that I think of it, I should just exchange some manga from the rows, as the 2nd row consists incredible awesome manga: Me & The Devil Blues (DONE). And yep, that is Jack Thompson’s – for me – totally useless manga guide book in the background.

A mishmash between “good and evil”: Blood Alone and King of Thorn, and WWaW are awesome manga; the rest, not so much. Sure, I do enjoy DitVB, but it’s far from being breathtaking or groundbreaking. The second row contains some manhua by Benjamin: Oneday, Remember and Orange, as well as ALIVE (needs more Tsutomu Takahashi in Germany), Gon, and Purgatory Kabuki by Yasushi Suzuki.

BotI and others

CotCS is – strangely – one of the Korean “shounen” manhwa I somewhat enjoy, don’t ask me why. Then there’s Shin Angyo Onshi, both art and story are way above average (except maybe the first three volumes), BAA:LO and GSG I don’t buy anymore and then there’s Dan Gu aka Shaman Warrior (Panini versus Dark Horse – what a difference, in price and format).

BotI and others

VAGABOND! Or what’s currently at my place. Other volumes are borrowed. Then there’s NGE (hi@flashlight), Mr. Despair and Claymore. Claymore is rather generic, so I stopped buying it, yeah I know, after 13 volumes, but that’s because I bought them in batches.

And yes, that’s most of the manga I possess in photographs! And yes, manga are the only “Japanese” things in my room, if you don’t count my Benjamin posters (yes, I know he’s Chinese!). The only anime I own are FLCL and Karas but they aren’t really pic-worthy. I think I have voiced my disapproval of it before anyway, so no surprises there. Same goes for anything related to anime: figurines/games/j-pop and so on .