Who’s Invaeon?
In “RL” I’m called Jonathan. I’m 21 years old and I either reside in Bamberg, where I study political science at the Otto-Friedrich University in my fourth semester or in Norderstedt, where I usually enjoy my semester vacations.
Below you can find a list of favorites, and yeah, I love making lists, so expect more of them to come!

Favorite Food: Mediterranean, some German/Asian
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Manga: Berserk, Blame, Blood Alone, Eden, Shin Angyo Onshi and many more…
Favorite Anime: Black Lagoon, Darker Than Black, Innocent Venus, Mushishi, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, etc.
Favorite Games: Starcraft:Broodwar, Warcraft III:TFT, Diablo II, basically RTS/RPG PC games
Favorite Music: Carl Orff | Kamelot, Avantasia, Blind Guardian, Tiamat, Edguy, Beatsteaks, Guano Apes Even if you don’t like metal you should at least give Kamelot a try!

And this blog?
There are many English blogs about manga, mainly about the English manga scene and so it’s pretty easy to get decent information on the American/English manga scene as a German (as we have to know English), but not the other way round. Even if you are interested in the manga scene in Germany you won’t get much information due to the language barrier, as most of the German manga blogs are *surprise surprise* in German. Therefore I thought it might be interesting to make an “international” blog on the German manga scene. How that will work out, how much time I’ll spend on this, we shall see.

Additionally I just wanted to share my thoughts on “manly (seinen)” manga, one of the genre that seems to have a hard time everywhere, except Asia and maybe France. I will try to write reviews and give an insight to the German manga market, as much as that is possible without any “insider” information, but just by looking at: what got licensed, what’s in the charts, what manga get canceled one can get a rough idea.

The design…I know…it’s pretty basic. I chose this layout when I started to blog and now can’t change it without adjusting the code for all my past post and I’m simply too lazy for that. Another way would be to own a server and run wordpress on there, but I don’t own one, so instead everything will be kept as is. At least until somebody else comes by offers me a server and knowledge. ;)

PS: I still haven’t gotten around to correct all the spelling/grammar mistakes on this page, so yea, just bear with them for a while or longer.