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I planned on writing a similar blogpost for ages, but my manga was always lying around/not here/borrowed/whatever. So I came to the conclusion that I will always have displaced manga and decided to post on what I have at the moment.
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Manga: The Art of Yasushi Suzuki
Mangaka: Yasushi Suzuki (Art)
Publisher: DrMaster/DGN Production Inc. (USA)
Price: 21,50€
Additional Information: Not a licensed product, but an own production. Includes a foreword and two interviews in Japanese and English.

Hehe, I never thought I’ll ever review, let alone buy, an artbook. “Never say never.” –what a fitting proverb… to mostly everything. First of all I want to mention that it’s all ballzy’s fault for pulling me down to the abyss of art books. Visit his blog (link dead) if you enjoy art books, are into figures, or just like the sound of rarely encountered words chained together in epic pieces of randomness. I recommend it! Not for your sanity though!

Now, reviewing manga is not new for me, but reviewing an art book surely is. There’s no story in an artbook, so what exactly am I suppose to review? To find out more about the release click on “Read more”, as I’ll start by outlining the overall design of the DrMaster’s release:
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