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Several big German newspapers’ online editorials published articles on their respective webpages about the Comic Salon. All the reports are in German, so you English folks won’t be able to read them, but they also added some pictures. Don’t expect too much variety, as all three (FAZ, SZ and Spiegel) basically use the same pictures.

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Comic Salon Welcome

I more or less spontaneously decided to pay the Comic Salon 2008 a visit on Saturday. I never had a better chance to go to a comic convention, as Erlangen is just approximately 30 minutes away by train and my student ID works as a ticket for half the way, therefore the train ride is very cheap, too. The reason why I had a hard time choosing was because the NPD was having their party congress in Bamberg at the same time and most of my friends went there to demonstrate against them and I wanted to join in. In the end I settled with going to the Comic Salon on Saturday, while I went to demonstrate against the NPD on Sunday.

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Comic Salon
The Comic Salon 2008 is coming up! The biennial comic convention will take place in Erlangen from May 22nd until 25th. The three big German manga publishers will be present and some of them have star guests attending, one of them being Eiki Eiki via Egmont. She’ll sign autographs at the respective panel throughout the convention and on Sunday there will be an interview held.

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