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Ah, I never thought I would be MIL (missing in laziness) for so long. I’m done with my exams as well as my extended essays (they were due to the end of march). I guess I’m behind a few months; after all this is still my February shopping list. Then again this was written on May the 5th. I’m not sure how active I will stay as I lost most of my motivation to read manga. They just seem boring to me. I’m reading occasionally, but not as much as I used to and I don’t enjoy it as much as well. And this blog is now more like a burden than an enjoyment, sigh. (I don’t know where to put my manga anyway, I have NO SPACE!)

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My vacation is over. I’m back at my own place and my second university week has started. Manga-wise, October looks to be very light. Only 4 manga are on my list. However, I recently bought Manga – Sixty Years of Japanese Comics by Paul Gravett, as well as Ga-netchu! Das Manga / Anime Syndrom by various accomplished German and English journalists. I still have to finish reading both of them.
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Manga: Purgatory Kabuki
Mangaka: Yasushi Suzuki (Story & Art)
Publisher: DGN Production/DR Masters Publications
Original Publisher: DGN Production/DR Masters Publications
Price: $9,95 (w/e that is in € atm)
Released so far: Volume 1
Release Schedule: Volume 2: Fall 2008
Licensed in the US: DGN Production/DR Masters Publications
Additional Information: Contains colored pages, omake pages and translation notes.

After the art book, this is the second work by Yasushi Suzuki that I review but a manga is different from an art book. My critique for it was very positive overall and I was already praising Purgatory Kabuki’s sample pages that came with it.

The first thing that drew attention to me was the beautiful cover art. I like the different shades of blues and how the different image small parts mix into each other to create a bigger picture. I’m not sure if he designed the skull of flowers and leaves as well, but it looks darn cool.

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I wish my apartment had a terrace or a balcony. I could enjoy my manga, drink some ice coffee and get a bit more tanned at the same time! Alas, I don’t possess such a noble and bourgeois thing and have to settle with manga and an occasional coffee, while the sun shines through my windows. June certainly does provide me with quality manga. It has some promising continuations, mixed with some intriguing one-shots. And I hope they’ll live up to my expectations and deliver the relaxation, now that university work picks up pace.

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So now that we all are familiar with the German releases in March, here’s my shopping list for the same month. It got rather heavy, with 9 definite purchases, 10 if you count Taniguchi’s release as two (2x price, 2x pages), that’s 3 more than last month and 8 more than in January!

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My two weeks long exam period starts in ca. 9 days, but after I’m through with them, I can – at last read manga again! I’ll also have more time to finish off some review drafts, which have been piling up for a while now. January was a very light month, with only two titles on my list, but February is the opposite with 7 definite purchases and 3 possible ones. Below you can find the list –same procedure as every year shopping list entry (ref. to this)

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Sometimes I really wish that time would go by a bit slower. It’s nearly Christmas again and after that…I don’t even want to think about it. Reality can be so cruel! I better dive into the world of manga and procrastinate all my worries to the next…year(s).

This month’s releases contain a broad variety of genre. Okay, all of them, except Kamiyadori (actually Welcome to NHK is also a shounen manga), are seinen, but other than that they don’t have much in common. The calming comedy Yotsuba&! and the crazy comedy Welcome to NHK represent the comedy ‘sub genre’ this month.

Apart from the two brigher series, there are many action releases as well. Eight volume 2, a detective/thriller story with some action elements, and Black Lagoon, which is all about Yakuza facing the Russian mafia. I don’t think I have to mention what Vagabond is about, so ‘read more’ to check out the list.

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Manga: The Art of Yasushi Suzuki
Mangaka: Yasushi Suzuki (Art)
Publisher: DrMaster/DGN Production Inc. (USA)
Price: 21,50€
Additional Information: Not a licensed product, but an own production. Includes a foreword and two interviews in Japanese and English.

Hehe, I never thought I’ll ever review, let alone buy, an artbook. “Never say never.” –what a fitting proverb… to mostly everything. First of all I want to mention that it’s all ballzy’s fault for pulling me down to the abyss of art books. Visit his blog (link dead) if you enjoy art books, are into figures, or just like the sound of rarely encountered words chained together in epic pieces of randomness. I recommend it! Not for your sanity though!

Now, reviewing manga is not new for me, but reviewing an art book surely is. There’s no story in an artbook, so what exactly am I suppose to review? To find out more about the release click on “Read more”, as I’ll start by outlining the overall design of the DrMaster’s release:
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