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Several big German newspapers’ online editorials published articles on their respective webpages about the Comic Salon. All the reports are in German, so you English folks won’t be able to read them, but they also added some pictures. Don’t expect too much variety, as all three (FAZ, SZ and Spiegel) basically use the same pictures.

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I’m still very late with everything, but better late than never! I guess the biggest news is that Egmont is continuing the series that were discontinued by Tokyopop earlier this year: Hell Girl, Perfect Girl and School Rumble. Note that the publishers themselves have not disclosed if they licensed more manga. This is not their official list, so I might’ve missed some. Oh, I left out all new Light Novel licenses.

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(My desktop PC and notebook both are malfunctioning, which is why I didn’t post this ~ a week earlier. This is how I browsed the net for more than a week! Violet/magenta/pink/fuchsia/whatever lines and a resolution of 640*480! My eyes still hurt!)

Tokyopop‘s December newsletter not only contained information that Kodansha let their license expire, but addressed two more matters. First, the usual list of January releases (I’ll post them once I’m at my university residence again), but more importantly: their new manga licenses for summer 2009.

Before I’ll post their list of new licenses, here are my thoughts on the “cancellation” of Tokyopop‘s titles from Kodansha.

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A few weeks ago Egmont and Carlsen both announced their new licenses for spring & summer 2009. Below you can find an overview with four additional titles added. Nothing strikes me as really interesting so far, but Shinanogawa and Aruka Hito are on my possible-purchase-list.

Read the rest of this entry » announced their new titles back in mid-July. I had hoped for other publishers to follow and disclose their new acquisitions and therefore postponed my post. Alas, none of them did. So below you’ll only find‘s short list and don’t expect any surprises. Despite Dr. Joachim Kaps‘ hints for a more diverse range of licenses, the list still is very shoujo-heavy.

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When Carlsen Manga announced their new program for Fall/Winter 2008/2009, they intentionally didn’t mention two shoujo series. I don’t know why they did that, but they did. Then some weeks ago they told the public about the new acquisitions, but I missed it, so my news about them is a bit late.

Their new acquisition is Kaichou wa Maid-sama! by Hiro Fujiwara: Yes, the same title just recently announced at Anime Expo 2008. The description reads like another standard shoujo title, but who am I to judge the female taste (as if there’s any?! HA!). It’ll start its serialization in January in Carlsen‘s monthly manga magazine Daisuki.

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Yup, yup! Three more licenses for Germany! Two for Schreiber & Leser (Writers & Readers), a small German comic publisher focusing on mature and non-mainstream titles (their repertoire include: Taniguchi’s Kamigami no Itadaki, Crying Freeman and Hideo Azuma’s Shissou Nikki, and one for Tokyopop.

Schreiber & Leser licensed their second title by Kiriko Nananan, mangaka of Blue (licensed in America by Ponent Mon & Fanfare). It’s another single volume called Itaitashii Love. I might buy it, as I already was interested in Blue, but the price set at 14.95€ (~$24), which is quite high.

The other title licensed by Schreiber & Leser is Strain, a five volume long seinen manga series. The story is written by Ikegami Ryoichi and the art by Buronson, both established and known mangaka. Their works are as manly as they can get, involving blood, sex, drugs, and rock’n roll. Each volume will cost 12.25€ (~$20).

In their recent newsletter mentioned that they plan on “seinen-up” their manga properties. To give us a glimpse they revealed one of their new licenses for winter/spring 2008/2009. It’s a seinen title and a very infamous one: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami & Masayuki Taguchi , which has been butchered by an earlier translation, considered one of the worst ever, by Tokyopop North America. I wonder how will handle the violence, rape and gore scenes. MPD Psycho was thought to be too gory for the German market, but Battle Royale is fine?

As the last of the three big German publisher Carlsen released their list of new licenses today. I will again not order the releases by publisher, but instead by genre. This time it’s not as colorful as the post before, as I only list the three major German publishers (and because the others have yet to announce any new licenses).

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News 1: Tokyopop named four of their new licenses for Fall/Winter 2008. Two are shounen and the other two are shoujo. For more licenses we’ll have to wait till the end of April/start of May, when Carlsen will announce their new acquisitions and Tokyopop the rest.

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A few days ago Tokyopop, as the last of the five main German manga publishers, announced their acquisitions for the coming spring/summer. In the following list I will not divide them by publisher, but order the new licenses according to their genre, though I will mention the publisher. Each publisher gets its own colour so it’s easier to see who licensed what…or not. It looks pretty ugly, but I’m too tired and lazy to change it now, sorry.

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